Heindorf GmbH
D-40223 , Duesseldorf, Germany
Phone: 49 211 209 5859
Fax: 49 211 209 5876
Additives : Our services

Our Core Values are what you look for-

- We can provide not only products with good quality and performance, but also services.

- We provide consulting / suggestion with our Know-How of 20 years.

- We also can source for you products with special requirements even if they are not in our product list.

- We provide specifications, MSDS, and / or Test report.

- We provide sample on demand.

- We have good transport net to forward the cargo to your door as required.

- We will help you if you want make pre-registration or registration in REACH.

REACH Registration ...

Pre-registration :
It requires submission of only a few details such as substance name, CAS and EINECS numbers, name and address of the registrant (legal entity), the tonnage band, and the projected registration deadline. It must occur by November 30 2008, at the latest. More...

REACH Deadlines