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D-40223 , Duesseldorf, Germany
Phone: 49 211 209 5859
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Additives for Lubricant oil

J.L. Chem International GmbH , founded in 2005 at Duesseldorf.

At the core , JLCHEMI's main role is to supply a stop solution of additives ( single and package ) for production of lubricant oil.

JLCHEMI also provides  chemical raw materials and products.

Our Vision 

To be recognised by our customers as a good supplier with : -
Lowest competitive cost
friendly price offer,
High reliability in the supply of quality products
High standard in sustainable HSE performance through subscription to Responsible Care
Open, pro-active and adaptive culture
to achieve profitability and growth so as to enhance shareholders' value.

Our Core Values
High commitment to working together for mutual benefit and coordinated efforts.
High ethical standards and business integrity, trustworthiness, dependability and reliability.
Excellence in all aspects of individual and organization performance.
Innovation and Creativity
Ability to come out with better ideas and solutions.

Open Communication
Recognising the diversity of nationalities working in our company and the Complex, open and free exchange of views and ideas is valued.

Discover how our products and technologies can help your company solve your environmental concerns, save money, extend the life of equipment and protect the environment. We invite you to visit our informative pages on our fuel additives, fuel catalysts, lubricants, anti-friction compounds, battery additive, flat tire preventative, cleaners and solvent industrial institutional replacement products.

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